There is no denying the benefits of mediation, especially in stressful times.  We all handle stress differently and unprecedented times like quarantine can do a number on your well being.  Stress affects your entire body and meditation can help handle stress.  

Self care is aways important, but extremely important during stressful quarantine times.  We are all worried about finances, booking work, our health and family.  Please take time out to invest in your well being.

If you don’t practice meditation, here are some reasons why you should start:

  • Positive thoughts for just 5 - 10 minutes a day can change your whole outlook

  • Mediation can relax a stressed nervous system.  Taking deep breaths and checking in with your body can help relax muscles and reduce tension.

  • Mediation can help you rest better.

  • Your overall well being can improve with taking a few minutes a day to restore your focus.

  • More positive outlook.  Take time to appreciate the small things, approach life with a grateful heart.  Put positive energy out there.  It will help with your attitude, how people see you and may help you land your next booking!

We want people to be healthy, happy and exude confidence so your talent can shine!  There are many apps and free information online to learn more about mediation.  A personal favorite is Ten Percent Happier.  They even have a Coronavirus Sanity Guide for free online.  You are not alone.  We are all feeling the stress of Coronavirus.

Beautiful images for this blog post are from a recent booking with Ro & Arrows branding project.  ReFresh Talent Agency’s model, DeMarie was a perfect fit for what this brand represents.


A little about Ro & Arrows:

Ro & Arrows is a performance sock brand that is beautifully designed, effortless to slip on, comfortable, and lightweight. Manufactured by the top seamless garment supplier in the world, the end result is a patented product with a grip unlike any other sock on the market, and uncompromising in function.

Made from 96% cotton and 4% elastane, Ro & Arrow socks are open-toe, with a patented low-profile grip for zero distractions. Light-weight and with a thoughtful design which encompasses a pocket heal, athletic arch support, and next to skin fit, comfort is at the forefront of its design. This sock is for the active individual, and will enhance any workout - designed as a barre, yoga, and Pilates sock all in one.

This product is a passion project, from our heart to yours.


About the project:

Our client, Creative Clarity Inc. was brought on to rebrand performance sock brand Ro & Arrows by creating a new logo, tagline, color pallet, and imagery, and the development, design, and launch of a new e-commerce website and select marketing collateral. New social media content and photos were established as well. Creative Clarity Inc. engaged photographer Niki Cram , and talent from Refresh Talent Agency to conduct a shoot at Barrewell Studios at Plaza Del Lago in Mission Viejo. Creative Clarity Inc. styled and directed the shoot. The result is a beautiful and fresh look, meant to elevate the Ro & Arrows brand among consumers, studios, and wholesale clients.