What are things you can be doing to further your career during quarantine?

During these difficult times with productions coming to a halt, we need to pivot and think about what the future will look like for our models and talent.  What have we been working on during quarantine?  We updated our website.  Updating our portfolios and working on reels for commercial talent.  We also have been submitting talent via self tape.  So, let’s get you ready for when your agent calls you requesting a self tape audition…

How are your self tape skills?

If you need to brush up, check out these articles:

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Having your own set up at home makes you valuable!

Talent that have their own video/voice over set up have been working from home.  They are able to produce quality video clips for projects and voice overs.  I know most of you are spending your time making Tik Tok’s during quarantine, so you probably have a ring light and tripod stand for your phone. Set up in front of a window for natural light.  Turn off the TV, A/C and close windows to keep the sound clear.  Good lighting and sound are key!  You should be able to make a good self tape with your iphone.

Look for apps like Slatable to help you produce, record and edit your self tape.  Or if you have a high quality digital camera like a DLSR, those record great video and allow for a mic to be plugged in for great sound.

Lastly, consider taking an online class.

Laurie Records is offering a one day commercial class (Self-tape style) via Zoom.  This is a commercial class with Self Tape tips.  Cost: $75

For more info/sign up: or email:

Look for commercial workshops online.  Killian’s is offering access to all 10 workshops online for $99.00.

Let’s get working again!

We need to get creative, pivot to changing times and re-invent how we submit and pitch ourselves for what the world of castings and auditions look like for the days ahead.

Hope everyone is well.  We miss our talent and can’t wait to work with you soon.

~ReFresh Talent Agency